hazyshade: (Keep the dream alive)
hazyshade ([personal profile] hazyshade) wrote on June 24th, 2010 at 10:48 pm
This is a sporty post
How am I supposed to get this dissertation written with the football and tennis on?!

It's been a cray-cray World Cup, for sure. I can't believe the two finalists of 2006 are both out before the knockout stages. On a more familiar note, England are making me suffer and now we're playing Germany. [livejournal.com profile] charly2004 and I knew this would happen! Regardless of who wins out of Germany/England (and I think we all know it'll be Germany lol), the route to the final is most likely filled with Argentina, Spain and Brazil for the winner. Oh dear. Am very tempted to put money on Uruguay actually, because the other half of the draw looks easier. The South American teams have definitely been the most impressive so far.

Also, come on Switzerland! ;)

It looks like the weirdness of the WC has spread to Wimbledon. Epic game was epic. I feel like Isner should've been given a bye to the next round, since he played the equivalent of about 4 matches this round..

Rafa and Roger: get your acts together, tyvm.

England also winning 2 games to 0 against Australia in one day series (I'm now on to cricket, in case you're confused). Always good.

Ah, I love summers of sport. :)
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